We work with a range of suppliers, contractors, supporting companies and others, some of which are listed here:

Skyship Services, Inc.

Based in North Carolina, USA, Skyship Services, Inc. is the Type Certificate Holder and owner of all existing Skyship airships. As the manufacturer of Skyships and the only currently active operator of Skyships, we will work closely with Skyship Services, Inc. as we develop our services and grow our fleet of conventional airships.

Kat Logics

Kat Logics is unique as it specializes in the optimization of material and information flow as well as lean facility design by applying sophisticated methodologies and 3D simulation.

Kat Logics is also an official reseller of various software solutions and advanced planning tools for conducting feasibility studies to drastically increase productivity, lead time and profit margin.

The Top Management Resources Group provides an international management consulting network and executive services platform with the main headquarters based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and business interests, partners and clients across the globe.

The organization has developed a suite of services and strategic partnerships to support business owners and senior executives in developing and enhancing their businesses, careers and lifestyles.

Solutions are delivered by an established network of specialists and industry experts and their services focus on three key areas; Talent, Trade, & Transformation.

The core industry verticals in which they specialize include;  Supply Chain & Logistics, Aviation & Aerospace, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail.

Top Management Resources Group
IDMS Accounting Services

IDMS Accounting Services is a professional Accounting & Bookkeeping service provider.


The Company serves businesses of all sizes and from all industries with a dedicated team of qualified and experienced accountants and financial consultants with extensive experience in accounting, financial reporting, financial management, internal audit and controls, Value Added Tax (VAT), Excise Tax, and other taxation matters.

Watch this space for announcements in the coming months . . .