Our team's expertise in all forms of airship and aerostat design, development, application, operation, maintenance, training and regulatory environment is unique. We offer government departments, airship and aerostat developers and end users advice and support in the establishment or improvement of their capabilities in these business sectors. In addition, we are well positioned to provide general consulting services. These services are available now.

Hybrid Airship Passenger Operations

Offering both A to B and A to A passenger services, for VIP, tourist, recreational and commuter markets we will improve links, provide new tourism opportunities and open new markets. Several routes are already being considered. With a potential seating capacity of 48 passengers in yacht-style comfort, we anticipate these services proving to be both popular and affordable. Currently projected to start in 2023.


Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Services

Airships Arabia will be a one-stop-shop for all conceivable maintenance tasks, from envelope repairs and engine overhauls to annual inspections and new envelope pressure tests for hybrid and conventional airships, and for aerostats. Our in-house flight test crews will be available to work alongside the maintenance team, or with independent operators' personnel, to ensure the minimum downtime for any airship or hybrid operating in the Middle East. Projected to start in 2020.

Operating & Maintenance Personnel Selection & Training

Airship operations and maintenance require special skills and specific aptitudes. Airships Arabia will gather appropriate experts to develop and implement all the necessary selection and training activities for our own needs, as well as providing training services to other airship and hybrid operators. Projected to start in 2020.

Skyship 600 Airship Operations & Support

The team at Airships Arabia includes all the competencies required to establish, operate and support conventional airship activities for tourism, passenger operations, branding, advertising, TV broadcasting and commercial survey work. Working with our local and international partners, we are planning the first of these activities to begin, using a Skyship 600 airship, as soon as possible, but hopefully during 2020.

Hybrid Airship Logistics
Government Service Support

Operating our own fleet of hybrid airships, Airships Arabia will eventually provide freight services at competitive prices to customers across the region. With initial payload capacity of 10 tonnes per load growing to more than 50 tonnes per load in due course, with an unrefueled range of more than 3,500 km, we will provide an unmatched capability for direct, point to point transportation. It is anticipated that this service will commence from 2023.


Both conventional and hybrid airships have much to offer the Government sector, including their use for persistent surveillance, disaster relief, delivery of food aid, communications platforms and for scientific survey. Airships Arabia intends to support such activities by offering a range of options from turnkey solutions, program management services, to simply the provision of spare parts to regional Government agencies seeking to take advantage of the unique capabilties offered by these vehicles. Projected to start in the coming year (2020).

Unmanned Airship Services

Unmanned or Remotely Piloted Airships can be used for a  range of tasks, including advertising, aerial camera work and event coverage. Airships Arabia has recently added these services to our portfolio through a partnership to be announced in the coming weeks. With many of the same knowledge and skill sets necessary to provide these services as for our other offerings, we are looking forward to having our first unmanned airship in operation soon.  Projected to start in 2020.

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