Our Team
Gregory Gottlieb, Managing Director
Pete Wallace, Commercial Director

Gregory has been working with airships since 1990. A member of The Airship Association Council, former editor of the quarterly journal AIRSHIP and former Chair of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Lighter-Than-Air Systems Technical Committee, Gregory's knowledge and understanding of airship technology, operations and development is recognized globally. He has worked with many of today's airship manufacturers and has supported government airship programs in several countries. Gregory has been based in the Middle East for more than 10 years.

Pete has travelled extensively and worked across the globe, having spent many years working for international aid agencies and for the United Nations. His experiences in remote and challenging environments has informed his appreciation of what airships can offer. A highly successful entrepreneur, angel investor and business mentor, Pete's commercial background brings this enterprise a solid, grounded approach to the development of corporate strategy. Pete is also responsible for our financial modeling and supervision of our accounts, VAT management and audit functions.

Airships Arabia DWC-LLC

Airships Arabia currently offers consulting services in aviation, logistics and general management with a specific focus on matters relating to airships, hybrids and aerostats, to government and commercial clients.


Based in Dubai South, the Company's area of interest extends across the Middle East, with representation now in place in the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia, but with plans to extend to other countries in the region over the coming years.


In the medium term future, Airships Arabia will grow to become an airship operations, maintenance, repair, overhaul, and crew training enterprise in its own right, with a focus on hybrid airships, as they become available from manufacturers, following type certification.

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